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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I gain access to Quodl?

You can gain access to Quodl by contactiong us through this website or registering your interest through the login section on the home page. 


Is Quodl a recurring subscription?

We currently offer termly subscription to indiviual lecturers, we would however do a customised package for Departments,  Faculties (Schools) or a University wide license. Please contact us for further details.


I am not affiliated with a University but would like to use the technology in my course ?

Please contact us and we can come to some agreement.


What are the technical requirements for running

We’re assuming that you’re using a computer plugged into a projector to present the lecture. This computer will need web access and a browser to run Quodl. Students will each need a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, with a browser. It doesn’t have to be state-of-the-art – Quodl will run on an iPhone 4S as well as on the most recent devices. In our experience the vast majority of students own a device that allows them to participate.  The students will of course need WiFi or mobile reception to access the quiz and play along in real time.


Will students find it patronising?

Not in our experience. We have run surveys on early versions of the quiz system, and found that even high-performing final year undergraduates, when asked explicitly and anonymously, report not finding it patronising. If you are concerned that your students might respond differently, you can introduce the system as a tool that’s designed both to help them recall course material later, and to help highlight areas where they would benefit most from extra work. Of course, participation is completely optional.


Will it put students off more general learning?

Although introducing game elements risks crowding out intrinsic motivation, these effects tend to occur where rewards are significant and the task is repetitive.


Lecturer: Can I re-run a quiz?

We are improving this functionality all the time. Technically , once a quiz is run, it can’t be run again. But you can copy it by clicking on ‘Share’ below it and copying and pasting the code that’s generated into to “Import Quiz/Survey” box. That will then be ready to run


We are regularly deploying new functionalities to improve your Quodl experience.   Contact us if you are unable to find an answer to your question.


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