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January 9, 2019
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We've just come back from the Christmas break and undergraduate exams are underway. One of the aims of Quodl was to help support student learning outside lectures. There were a few ways we did this. All quizzes that students had taken in class are automatically available within a student's Quodl account to look over again - students can see the questions and options, along with the choice they made and the correct answer. Lecturers also have the option of adding additional information to a question, which students can see when they log in - this can explain why the correct answer is actually correct, or point the student to the relevant slide or online resource to work it out for themselves. Students can also look at the quizzes with the correct answers hidden, so they can test themselves - which is of course the best way of consolidating learning. Finally, the students also see automated tailored feedback which looks at their position relative to the rest of the class across all the topics they've had quizzes on, and highlights the areas where they're doing best, and those where they may want to focus more on in their revision.

What we didn't know was whether students would use this functionality. We know that students really enjoy joining in the quizzes in lectures, but we also know that use of educational technology can be very context specific. So logging in today, it's great to see a low hum of traffic on the Quodl site, indicating that students are logging in and using Quodl as part of their revision. We'll do some more formal research at some point - some survey work with students to see how they use the app - but for now this is very heartening to see.

quodl traffic


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