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Why using Quodl has proven scientifically successful and what makes us excited about it.

So this is what we found...

Quodl is a tool (‘app’) developed for institutions of higher education to improve student experience and retention.  This is done through active student engagement using cognitive psychology of learning. It is developed by an academic working in behavioural science, so is grounded in his research on learning and memory, combining retrieval practice and spacing to help students learn.

It is unique in being designed exclusively for use in higher education (HE), by taking into account the expectations and preferences of HE students and the time constraints of lecturers.  It offers students tailored written feedback, identifying areas in which they are performing well relative to the group, and areas in which they could improve; gamification keeps students inspired and motivated to participate.

Implemented across the courses related to a student, it helps to identify those students that might need extra academic support and gives the opportunity for a timely intervention .


Quodl is a tool to support Universities towards the fulfilment of student engagement and reduction in drop out rate aspects of Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). There is an increasing requirement for universities to focus on the student experience, and demonstrate the steps they are taking to enhance student engagement, learning, and retention.  In addition it will give valuable feedback on the on-going learning process. Key benefits include: 

Fun and engaging for students to use, improving experience of lectures. 

Early tailored feedback for new students on their performance relative to their peers.

Improve learning, motivation and attendance among students

Students: Learn norms quickly and help develop revision strategy 

Lecturers: Identify areas that might benefit from revision.  

No additional workload for academic staff trying to enhance their lectures.  

Give Program Directors a snapshot across modules to help with progression 

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