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Quodl brings active learning and retrieval practice into lectures, which is shown to improve student outcomes and satisfaction. Students use their smartphones or laptops to answer real-time questions presented by the lecturer, breaking up the learning experience, increasing energy and interaction in the lecture hall, and giving immediate valuable feedback.

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Scores increase week-on-week, and students can see how close they are to the top of the leaderboard. No matter where they stand, they can gain badges as recognition for good participation and engagement, which keeps motivation and attendance high. At the end of a semester prizes can be awarded for topping the leaderboard or completing a set of badges.

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Students get tailored personalised motivational feedback on their performance, showing how well they are doing overall, and their areas of relative strength and. So they immediately know if they’re falling behind their peers. Later, they can review the quizzes they have taken, testing themselves on the questions again, or finding out more about the material behind a question by following lecturer-provided links.

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Lecturers and programme directors gain rich data on student engagement and performance to help find and support students who are struggling or not engaging. We have found that Quodl scores predict assessment performance, so they can be used to reduce failure rates and support progression. Lecturers can also identify how well students understand the course material by looking at scores.

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